On the Road Again

I am going to make an attempt to blog every single day from now on. Now if that happens great if not and I get pretty close it’ll still be great.

Currently on a flight to Phoenix and I have so many ideas and things I want to get out there and my audience of 160 students, 12 kids on my high school team, and the other 30 people I talk to daily just doesnt seem like enough so hopefully I can broaden that out.

Today was a great day  partly because I was able to finally read Jon Gordon’s book on the flight called “The Energy Bus” which essentially talks about how staying positive, doing things the right way, appreciating yourself and what you have can make you a great leader and successful. Three of our former players at FGB are now at the University of South Florida and had to read Gordon’s book “Training Camp” which I am currently reading also. I think it just really refocuses me on what is important, how to treat people, and how certain behaviors are perceived and what the typical reaction to many of them are. So I plan on sharing a lot of the book (even possibly making my class/teams read it) with my teams and classes.

I was able to while waiting for my flight see Susan Moran (St Joe’s Univ) in the airport and it was good to see her and St Joe’s who’s having a great season there. Moran does recruit Florida like Richmond who’s a GBB Insider subscriber unlike a lot of the other A 10 schools, the A 10 is such a great league I would think with all our talent down here it would be a natural draw but sometimes we shy from something foreign to us.

Anyway aside from my four hour flight, today was really capped off by getting to see Rackell Goldson who was one of my first players after college that I really went all in to help out. Rackell played for FGB and played for me at Orlando Evans before finishing at Pine Castle Christian a move which because of the religion and great coaching by Chris Cenicola (now at oCP) really changed her life. Talking with her today and her wanting to meet up and grab lunch really gave me some closure on the last six years of my life that I did make a difference in peoples lives. I didnt make a fortune, become famous, or coach in college but her success and others (Shawn Randall, Trimaine McCullough, Shavontae Naylor I could go on) has just really recharged me to do whatever it takes for people to succeed. Those kids have grown up and become quality adults who are going to be great people in society and everyone is going to want around.

Anyway I am going to try to blog once a day just on the goings on and try to keep it positive, politically correct, and original … hopefully you enjoy @KennyKallina kennykallina@gmail.com


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