Top Club Teams of Summer 2016

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Here is our annual list of the Top Club Teams in the country and before we get to complaining and all that here is what I gave the most weight to

  • Tournament Championships.
  • Advancing deep in tournaments.
  • Strength of schedule. (No going 2-8 in the EYBL doesnt mean you get ranked high)
  • Body of work through the entire summer.
  • One loss (doesnt matter to who) doesnt move you down 50 spots. – Remember BODY of Work.
  • No 15U teams – Teams in this list are playing in the top bracket of every event they play in July.
  • This only takes into account teams results in July – The spring does not count.

Why B-Wright? People can call me a hater or whatever that is fine but the reality is when you play in the ASGR League every single game matters and you cant have a bad game or you end up in a situation where you cant win the event. In the EYBL you can go 2-8 the whole summer and still have a shot to win the big prize you can lose in pool and still win the big prize, you get a lot of chances and to me its a lot harder to continually advance in single elimination tournaments where you essentially cant lose any games. B-Wright seeing them the last few days of July at that point was THE BEST team in the country and congratulations to them.

  1. Team B-Wright – Black (TN) – Nashville TOC Champion – Summer Basketball Playoff Champion
  2. Team Elite Pointer (GA) – Nike Nationals Champion – Basketball on the Bayou Final Four (Left Early)
  3. Tennessee Flight (TN) – Nike National Runner Up – Run for the Roses Runner Up (Left Early)
  4. FBC Mo (GA) – AAU Gold Showcase Champions – Basketball on the Bayou Runner Up
  5. Cy Fair – Team Ogwumike (TX) – Undefeated in EYBL (Until Nike Nationals)
  6. Cal Stars (CA) – Nike National Silver Bracket Champion
  7. FGB Team Courtney Williams (FL) – Lake Las Vegas Classic Champion – ATL Summer Slam Runner Up – ASGR Summer Basketball Playoff Runner Up
  8. West Coast Premier (CA) – 5-1 at Nike Nationals – Runner Up AAU Gold Showcase
  9. FBC United – Hunt (TN) – Suwanee TOC Champion – ASGR Playoffs Final Four
  10. Colorado Rockies (CO) – USJN Champions
  11. Boo Williams (VA) – Nike Nationals Final Four
  12. Tree of Hope (WA) – Nike Nationals Final Four
  13. Team Penny – Pruitt (TN) – Battle in the Boro Champions
  14. Sports City U (OH) – Battle in the Boro Runner Up – USJN DC Champions
  15. Rivals (MA)
  16. WP Bruins (PA) – Adidas National Champions
  17. Northwest Blazers (WA) – Adidas Nationals Runner Up
  18. Georgia Metros (GA)
  19. Minnesota Fury (MN)
  20. Essence Tip Hayes (FL) – Basketball on the Bayou Champion
  21. North Tartan (MN)
  22. DFW Elite (TX)
  23. Michigan Storm – Love (MI) – ATL Summer Slam Champion
  24. Texas Elite – Adidas (TX)
  25. Cal Storm (CA)
  26. AD Elite (TX)
  27. Oklahoma PWP (OK)
  28. Lady Runnin’ Rebels (PA)
  29. Texas United (TX)
  30. WP Celtics Black (GA)
  31. Boston Showstoppers (MA)
  32. So Cal Select (CA)
  33. Alabama Southern Starz (AL)
  34. Maryland Lady Terps (MD)
  35. Boo Williams Richmond (VA)
  36. All Iowa Attack (IA)
  37. CSS Bison (NE)
  38. San Antonio’s Finest (TX)
  39. Team St. Louis Red (MO)
  40. South Carolina 76ers (SC)
  41. Cy Fair Premier (TX)
  42. Mac Irvin Fire (IL)
  43. Arizona Select (AZ)
  44. Fairfax Stars (VA)
  45. IExcel Walter 17U (NJ)
  46. Oakland Soldiers (CA)
  47. Wiggins Waves (CA)
  48. Best Choice United (IN)
  49. Spiece Indy Gymrats (IN)
  50. Team Wisconsin (WI)
  51. Midwest Elite (IL)
  52. West Virginia Thunder (WV)
  53. New Jersey Sparks  (NJ)
  54. Cal Swish (CA)
  55. Philly Belles (PA)
  56. Arkansas Banshee (AR)
  57. All Ohio (OH)
  58. Team Superstar (CA)
  59. New Heights (NY)
  60. Riverside Hawks (NY)
  61. Team Slink – Pink (TN)
  62. Philly Comets (PA)
  63. Exodus NYC (NY)
  64. Havoc City (MD)
  65. Kenner Angels (LA)
  66. Maryland Shooting Stars (MD)
  67. Vegas Bulldogs (NV)
  68. Douglasville Tigers (GA)
  69. Cal Sparks (CA)
  70. BC Denver Elite (CO)
  71. Philly Freedom Stars (PA)
  72. Indiana Elite (IN)
  73. Golden City (CA)
  74. Carolina Flames (NC)
  75. Westchester Hoopers 17U (NY)
  76. MHSP – (MS)
  77. Memphis Mambas (TN)
  78. Della Lamb (MO)
  79. PSPA Rams (VA)
  80. Texas New Mexico Heat (NM)
  81. Team Breakdown (FL)
  82. So Cal Select Valley (CA)
  83. Maryand Pride (MD)
  84. Team Takeover (DC)
  85. 43 Hoops Carr (MN)
  86. Hoop Dreams Athletics (NC)
  87. Bolingbrook Panthers (IL)
  88. GBL Team Candace Parker  (CA)
  89. 1 Nation (MI)
  90. Example Sports (IL)
  91. Memphis Elite Daniels(TN)
  92. All In
  93. Arkansas Mavericks (AR)
  94. George Hill Lady Stars
  95. Minnesota Stars (MN)
  96. Central Florida Elite (FL)
  97. Crossover Hoops (VA)
  98. Illinois XCitement (IL)
  99. Lady Phoenix (NC)
  100. Philly Triple Threat (PA)
  101. Missouri Phenom (MO)
  102. Team Loaded (VA)
  103. Sky Diggs Elite (IN)
  104. EBX (CA)
  105. Arizona Elite (AZ)
  106. I90 Elite (NY)
  107. Books & Basketball (NJ)
  108. Michigan Crossover (MI)
  109. Peak Performance (GA)
  110. NDO 17U (NY)
  111. Miami Suns (FL)
  112. Connecticut Basketball Club (CT)
  113. TX Team Xpress (TX)
  114. NC Team Xpress (NC)
  115. Miami Suns Team Fowles (FL)
  116. Kentucky Premier (KY)
  117. North Texas Strive (TX)
  118. TN Fury (TN)
  119. Blue Star Florida (FL)
  120. Colorado Premier (CO)
  121. Tampa Thunder Team Dupree (FL)
  122. New England Crusaders (MA)
  123. Power Move 17U (PA)

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